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Every creative person has a unique path to becoming a professional in their field. 

This is my story. (To skip to pictures, click here, I won’t judge)

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Kathy Hanson

Just a short bio:

I'm best described at a multidisciplinary designer, getting my start more than 20 years ago doing window displays and visual merchandising, where I designed for specialty retailers up and down the interstate corridor from California to the Canadian border. I still love how crazy/imaginative window displays can be! It’s an opportunity to throw out the rulebook, and try the untried. 

I'm the principal and owner of Kathy Hanson & Assoc., where I consult on remodels and renovations for residential and commercial projects. Some projects are very far from Oregon. Transformation is the goal of most projects, it’s also what makes the work so interesting. 

I've always been artistic, dabbling in many arts, crafts, or trades outside of my professional design work. I think trying different mediums helps to keep ideas fresh. My current favorite pastimes are jewelry design and fabrication, watercolors, and 19th century home restoration

I'm also a professional Christmas Tree Designer. Someone has to design the trees, right?

If you follow my blog, you'll notice I have many sources for artistic and aesthetic inspiration. I post there often. Sometimes my work is sneak-peeked on the blog prior to being fully showcased here in my website portfolio. 

All the work on this site is my own. There’s a lot to see (many photos in each of the thumbnails below), I hope you’ll stay and click awhile! 

My practice is located in Oregon's beautiful Willamette Valley and the Central Oregon Coast. So I guess you could say I design from the mountains of the Cascades all the way to sea level. 

Do you have an interesting project? Or questions? Email me. Let's talk. 

(I’m always making something. Check out what I’m creating when I'm not at work.)

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