Office Reception Area, Eugene, Oregon


-This is what I started with (no kidding)-

-The waiting area adjacent- 

-The waiting area before-

Description: Office Reception Area, Eugene, Oregon

My favorite part of this job was designing this desk. The laminate material didnt come in a size large enough to do one piece, and I thought any seams would reduce the wow factorso I redesigned it to include 2 corner elements which resemble pillars. Its all one piece, but looks like theyre modular. My suggestion was to put lamps in the corners, but they were in at the time of the after photo. 

The seating area was a pretty awkward space, but I think Ive overcome that. 

This project included a renovation of the entire office. I specified the paint, and the new wall with bamboo paneling. I also chose the carpet, the trim finishes, and the new office furniture in the individual offices. The wall with the bamboo was needed to obscure the copy room/project area. 

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