Vista’s Assisted Living Community, Redding California

-See? It’s a really big project!-

-Here’s the entrance, almost finished (that’s the exercise room at the top)-

-In the front door (so close, but not quite done!)-



-Private dining-

-Zen room (I weighed in on the Zen garden just beyond the windows)-

-Activity room-

-Stair landing (Designer trick to fill wall space: that’s the same painting twice. I just turned it 180°!)-

-One of the model rooms I set up-

Description: Vista’s Assisted Living Community, Redding Calif

This is a large (about 80,000 square feet) new construction project. It has a slightly modern feel to the decor, with more common areas to decorate than any other project I've designed so far. 

This is a big statement that represents a ton of work: I selected all surfaces, inside and out, and selected and placed all furniture and accessories. I even helped with the logo for the property. Wrap your head around that! 

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