Defunct Doorway/Custom Cabinet

I know it's hard to imagine this is the same space, but it is! I worked closely with my favorite carpenter to camouflage (who knew camouflage was in my job description) this old doorway.

Although the space is exactly the same size as it was to start, it is hard to tell. Scroll down to see the 'Before' picture.

After. Ready for dishes.

Before. This is the way the old (blocked off) doorway looked at the start. Sorry the picture is so grainy. It's the only one I had of the doorway before work began. 


During renovation. 


I asked the client to bring out dishes she would want to display. I worked with the carpenter to design the cabinet/dish rack to fit her dishes. 


You can see it coming together in this before picture. Scroll up to see the after photos. There, you'll see that the lower area got cabinet doors. 

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