Bold Red Bathroom 


Grigsby-bathroom after-005

-After, another angle-

Description: Bold Red Bathroom

Sorry! I didn’t get before photos. I started with a typical 1970’s era Bathroom, though. Dark cabinets, trim and door, desperately in need of an update! 

This bathroom got new tile flooring, new custom cabinet & sink with faucet assembly, new shower and jacuzzi tub, mirror, paint and art. 

We were able to re-use the light above the sink. (win!)

I found great art (perfect size, subject matter, and cost), but the frames were a bit too stark in solid black. So...I used a specialized paint with flecks of white shells imbedded in the paint, on the edges of the frames to add interest and soften the black. A fun little art project, which made the art more interesting, for sure. Now, theyre One-of-a-kind. 

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