Kitchen: Starting from Scratch




-This is what I started with (you can tell it’s the same room by the windows)-


-Before (the whole area). Those peninsulas are so blocky!-




-What I started with (other side of the kitchen)-



Description: Starting from Scratch

This is one of those ‘Hard to believe its the same room’ projects. Happily, my clients trusted me to bring them a gourmet kitchen. This is a big great room, so I had plenty of space to give them their every whim! They’re amazing cooks. My focus was to bring the kitchen up to the level of their culinary talents. 

Fun fact: I designed the stove hood just for them; working with a sheet metal shop to make it special. First, the sheet metal guys made copper strips (to my specifications), then I aged the copper myself using vinegar and lemon juice. I also wanted a bolt or nailhead look around the edge of the hood, so I started by shopping second hand, building scrap, and salvage yards to find the perfect touch. I simply delivered the bolts and the aged copper to the sheet metal shop, and they put it all together. Awesome!


-Hood detail-

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