Major Kitchen Remodel

-Nearly Done-

-What I started with (hard to imagine it’s the same space)-

-Gnarly picture of the process-

Description: Major Kitchen Remodel

I normally wait to post the 'after' picture, but this one already shows a huge change (and I don't have the after pictures yet)! 

For reference, keep an eye on the window and light fixture in the ceiling above the window (It's just a hole in the almost finished picture). 

All this area became kitchen. The laundry room was moved to the back, behind the angle door on the center left in the first picture (above). The reason the laundry room fit in there was because we captured space from the garage (notice some daylight showing above the washer/dryer, demo had already begun in there). 

Generally, my clients assume I hang out in rather pristine settings. When the truth is more like this. Or mud. There's always mud on job sites! 

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