Old Doorway Becomes Display Cabinet




-After, having some fun trying different arrangements-

  ↓  Scroll to the bottom, you can’t believe what it looked like at the start!  ↓

-After, slightly different-

-After, everything seems to look good in this cabinet!-

-After, ready for dishes!-

removal of dish washer

-This is what I started with- 

Sorry the picture is so grainy. It's the only one I had of the doorway before work began. 




Test fitting actual dishes. 


Almost finished! Waiting for floor trim, and cabinet doors!

Description: Old Doorway Becomes Display Cabinet

It's hard to imagine this is the same space, but it is! I worked closely with my favorite carpenter to camouflage (who knew camouflage was in my job description) this old doorway.

All of this slight of hand was done with trim, moldings, and paint. Design is almost like being a magician sometimes. Love that!

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