Kaufman’s, Eugene Oregon (Holiday)

-My preliminary sketches-

-Check out that garage sale lamp base I used for a Christmas tree base!-


Description: Kaufman’s, Eugene Oregon (Holiday)

Kaufman's main store used to be located in Valley River Center. After I had done their window displays and visual merchandising for awhile, I pitched an idea for Christmas displays for all 3 stores. Eugene, Corvallis, and Bend. They jumped at the chance to do Christmas decor on a budget! 

I bought second-hand lamps, gutted them and spray painted them gold. Next, I spray painted some tall plastic pots they had in storage. I put appropriatley-sized Christmas trees in the lamps and pots, and dispersed them between the 3 stores. 

We used these props to make the whole store festive. For years. 

I heard when Kaufman's went out of business, they were able to sell these items for far more than the cost to assemble them! 

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