Bathroom Reno

This bathroom Reno was done on the cheap. This 1960’s era home hadn’t been updated. Typical of homes from that era, there was a hall bathroom shared by the 3 bedrooms.

Challenge here was to renovate without breaking the bank.

OK, here’s the scope for the project:

  • Fix rot under toilet
  • Replace flooring-used a cork visual in a sheet flooring.
  • New floor base-in this case, vinyl because it a heavy use room, and the only bathtub.
  • Remove wallpaper-elbow grease, and a huge mess, but we got it.
  • Paint-white trim, warm neutral walls.
  • Replace cabinet and hardware-small detail, but a must-do.
  • New faucet-chose something simple that was on sale.
  • New mirror-from Home Goods.
  • Vanity light over mirror-change to 2 lights on each side of mirror.
  • Updated privacy window covering-made by the owner with a spring rod and a shade from Pier 1. Another alternative is fabric from a mill end store like this one in Portland Oregon (my current fav).
  • Update door-if you’re still reading, here’s your reward. The best part about this project is the remake of the original hollow core door. That’s right. Its the same door. I just specified small profile millwork, and it was glued and nailed on, then the door was painted to match. I tried to talk them in to a new door knob, but then all the knobs in the home would have to be replaced. Honestly, it’s so easy, and looks so good, I’ve done it a few times with different projects, and have never been disappointed.

This project was awesome because the home owners chipped in as much as they could. They did the painting and wallpaper peeling (I don’t envy them, it was a MESS). Always a pleasure to work with willing clients.

And that’s how to do a bathroom Reno on the cheap!