Remodeled Pub Cafe

Cafe Pub Remodel
Back Bar (almost finished!)

Look at this remodeled pub cafe! What used to be two lesser rooms and an outside patio, is now a gathering space for parties, food, and fun. It serves as a coffee shop and cafe in the daytime, and a pub in the evening.


-Whitewashed brick walls

-Tray ceilings

-LED lighting (particularly at the bar area)

-Custom room divider

Cafe Pub Remodel
Cafe Pub Remodel
Cafe Pub Remodel
Soft Seating Area
Cafe Pub Remodel
Custom Room Divider
Outdoor tables
Soft Seating Area #2

One thing that didn’t occur to me with the remodeled pub cafe, until install, was that the back of the pastry case was fully visible. And the back of the case was white! Ugh. Not attractive. My sign guy suggested using a dark overlay that he could apply on-site. It was a great fix, and not noticeable at all now.

Thank you to my professional colleagues! Design is truly a collaboration.