Schematics for Furniture Placement

Schematics for Furniture Placement
Will it fit?

Schematics for furniture placement is the only way to know for sure everything fits. So I usually make a scale drawing of the items proposed.

This is the little tool I’ve used for years to loop the client into the conversation about furniture placement. As you can see, it’s very low-tech, but also infinitely portable.

The furniture is easy to change during a client meeting, and that’s why I continued to use schematics for furniture placement

Although, I did experiment with a free program a few years ago, and it worked pretty well for this one job.

Schematics for Furniture Placement

And this is an example of what is possible now. This is not a drawing done by me, but is depicting one of my projects. Clients love having access to these drawings as part of the design process.

These new drawing programs are making it easier for clients to understand what the finished project will look like before any interiors items have been purchased.

It’s important to adjust and improve along with technology. That’s why I’ve committed to learning the #1 interior drawing program. It will take some time. Stay tuned for my 3-D renderings published here in the future.