Tool: Design Boards

Tool: Design Boards
concept board

Tool: Design Boards are the go-to solution for communicating the design direction. Because it helps everyone involved in the project begin to visualize it.

Senior Living design board, Tool: Design Boards
large project design board

Design boards often include:

actual paint chips




ceiling treatments

photos of furniture

Above all, design boards can, and do, contain anything that fits on the board and will be used in the final product.

senior living design board, Tool: Design Boards
design board for a renovation

It’s helpful to see all the elements together. Because clients like to touch everything as they examine the materials.

So, I make sure the boards aren’t fragile.

Touching is very encouraged.

pub cafe design board, Tool: Design Boards
an earlier version of the board above

In conclusion, Tool: Design Boards are great. I make them very early in the project. So everyone can literally get a feel for the design direction.