When I was called in the help with this project, it was already underway. It needed to be a family-friendly update to the first room you see when you come into this home.

It’s also the room the grandkids would use to play in. A good reason to Use-What-You-Have.


This is what I saw when I arrived. The painter was removing the wallpaper, and I needed to specify paint! Originally, the sectional was against the wall to the right. I was showing the client how it would look pulled away from the wall.

Notice the circle of furniture glides in the foreground. Those represented the size and shape of the preferred cocktail table. My client was going to make it himself, he just needed some direction from me. He had already made the custom sofa table you see here in the photos. It was grand, and I was happy to use it.

My specifications were going to honor the furniture he already had, and also account for the furniture he could make especially for this room.

Lucky me. I like what I had to work with here.