About Kathy

About Kathy

Kathy Hanson, Innovative Interior Design, officially began in Oregon in 2006. Although I have over 20 years experience designing commercial, residential & retail (This is a typical designer origin story where the designing begins before the business is born).

As you can see, my practice is primarily remodels/renovations and new construction in all the sectors listed above.

It is no surprise that the needs of my clients tend to vary with the economy and whatever might be my clients current focus.

I enjoy working on ever-changing projects. Which is good, because design work requires constant learning and adapting.

It’s important to stay up with innovations in the industry.

So, I’ve always been artistic, dabbling in many arts, crafts, or trades outside of my professional design work. Trying different mediums helps to keep my ideas fresh.

Therefore, I’m always looking for inspiration. Check out my blog over here, where I keep my eye on inspiring things made by others.

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