Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation
Tuscany Kitchen Vibe

This kitchen remodel began with a complete demo. The room is large, so the kitchen could expand to fit the space.

Kitchen Renovation
Sink Side of Kitchen-After

Custom cabinets, new layout, and I got to design the range hood. Best part? I distressed the copper banding myself!

Just for fun, check out the next photo. It’s the same angle, before the project began.

Sink Side of Kitchen-Before

Hard to believe it’s the same space.

Kitchen Renovation
Fridge Side-After

This is the other side of the kitchen. The art niche was sized to fit that piece of art. A favorite of the client, so I gave it a place of honor in the heart of the home.

The next photo is the exact same location before work started.

Fridge Side-Before

Crews demo-ed the pantry to make room for the side-by-side integral fridge.

Kitchen Renovation
The Finished Result

This photo shows the areas depicted in the first photos above. I love the easy access to the garden.

Next photo is the best one I had from the same angle before work started.

Same Angle-Before

What I love most about this, is that except for the architecture, it’s so hard to tell it’s the same room.

Kitchen Renovation
Custom Range Hood

Had to show the custom range hood and rain glass cabinets on each side.

Kitchen Renovation
Copper Patina

I’d never patina-ed copper before. It was easy, and fun.

Kitchen Renovation
Another Angle

From another angle.

Kitchen Renovation
The Bar Side

Look closely. The dark strip backsplash isn’t really a backsplash. It’s a series of outlets!

Stone countertop material
Countertop Quartz

The darker Quartz was for the outside areas. The lighter one was used on the island only.

Kitchen Renovation
The Process

These are some of the drawings, colors and tools we were using to facilitate the decision making process. This kitchen remodel began with a complete demo, and it ended with a larger, better-designed space.