Florals: A Designer Go To

Florals and Botanicals Are a Designer Go-To
Florals and Botanicals Are a Designer Go-To

One designer Go To has long been florals and botanicals. Flowers (whether artificial or fresh) warm up a room and is considered a finishing touch.

This is the area used as a serving bar.
Kitchen Renovation Close Up

I don’t start with florals or plants. But once it’s time to install, the room is simply not finished until the botanicals arrive.

Florals Uplift a Room
The Mix

Sometimes, I bring fresh flowers, sometimes I use artificial. No matter which, florals always add something special to an otherwise beautiful room. I’m also a big fan of botanicals. Just some greenery in a room softens it, and adds an accessibility and warmth that is hard to describe, but is felt by anyone in the space.