Florals Uplift a Room

Florals Uplift a Room
The Mix

Florals uplift a room and finish the decor. For this project, it was clear we needed artificial florals to do the job.

Starting with this vessel on this stand…

Empty vase
There’s plenty of room for a grand floral here.

We used a variety of flowers, greenery, and willow sticks. I had a hunch we’d need them, so I grabbed my cutters and took twigs from my yard just before heading over to the client’s home.

Ta Da! This is the finished result. It took a surprisingly large amount of product. But will last for many years. Because the arrangement is not in direct sunlight.

What a difference botanicals make.

A close up of this beaut:

Florals Uplift a Room
The finished arrangement.

It’s true. Florals uplift a room.